Art made by LIZARDPAINT users!


I did not take time to showcase drawings made by actual users.

Here are all the drawings made under LIZARDPAINT that I am aware of.

It makes me very happy to see what people can do. Don't be ashamed, share! :-)

This one was made by Yoritoshi:

This was made by Classic Bytes:

The following were made by promptnews:

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they are all look great, but I really like the paint with the dragon. 

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards 


Yes, the dragon makes a good use of the palette and lining. I like it a lot!

It's always cool to see what people can do, so feel free to DL latest release of LIZARDPAINT and share your drawings! :-)

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Yeah it is.

I will see, what I am capable to do with that nice tool