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"Perlin & Pinpin - The Robin Tower" is a new game developed by LIZARDRIVE for your SEGA Genesis / Megadrive. You can play it on real hardware and/or using an emulator on any OS.

This game can be seen as a compilation of minigames with side quests on top.

You play as Prince Perlin, who is chasing the devilish Pinpin throughout the different floors of the Robin Tower. Pinpin has indeed kidnapped the yet-to-be-named Princess.

The different levels will not respect notions of time & space, giving it an Alice in Wonderland taste. 

Check links below to download episodes:

  1. First episode (back to school) (latest update on 29th of August 2020): https://lizardrive.itch.io/perlin-pinpin-episode1
  2. 2nd episode (case closed [somehow]): https://lizardrive.itch.io/perlin-pinpin-episode2
  3. 3rd episode: to be released soon (or later), beta to be published there: https://www.patreon.com/lizardrive


We are a small indie game studio.

  • All our graphical design (incl. logo design, banner, etc.) and pixel art is being handled by our ❤ Gunpog.
  • Coding, Music, SFX, Website, Community Management and other stuff is being taken care of by someone else.


We do not ask people for anything, but are grateful for any form of support.

You may support us taking some of your time by: 

  • communicating about our ongoing development by talking to your friends and family,
  • posting about our work on your favorite forums and/or social medias,
  • forwarding, retweeting, liking our posts.

Alternatively, or on top of this, you may consider:


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Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you! More to come soon (or later)! ;-)


This is a very polished demo. I love the pixel art, the atmosphere, the humour.. This game is very promising. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for trying out and sharing your feedback!


Amazing work and Demo !! 


Thank you! :-)